Wednesday, January 8, 2014


   My 20 time passion is autism and my project is called Brownies for Change. My original idea was to sell brownies at lunch and donate the money to Autism York. But, as the semester rolled on I decided this is not how I wanted to go about my passion. I decided it was time for a change.
     At the moment im working on getting in contact with bigger orginizations like Autism York. Im hoping to be able to volunteer with the special needs kids. I think it would also be cool to help at events like Walk for Autism. Anything I could do to help out would be good with me.
   While im sad that i'm no longer selling brownies, I think I may come back to the idea one day. For now I will wait on the orginizations gettting incontact with me and hope that they give me options.  Its possible they will not approve of my help, due to things like my age. But im hoping thats not the case. If it is i will just go back to the drawing board. There are many things I believe I can do with my passion, I just have to figure them out.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Connecting my passion

The information I researched will help others connect their Passion of autism with a job other than something typical like a special Ed teacher.  When first looking up jobs that I could connect with my passion i wasn't sure of what I could do, the only thing that came to mind was a special Ed teacher. Then my sister told me about behavioral specialist's and later on I found an article  talking about how behavioral therapy was being used more and more with kids with autism. The therapy is used to help understand why they behave in certain ways. Finding this out had me really excited and made me realize I could do something more interesting and still rewarding because I get to help out autistic kids and regular kids with things other than autism. Things like ocd or other behaviors.

Going back to my twenty time project I've actually been rethinking my ideas. After attending one of my brothers social skill classes. I think I would rather do some volunteering or helping with classes like my brother attends or helping with bigger organizations that raise money. So even though I'm thinking about changing what I want to do, my passion is still the same. But I will work on completing my english goals such as communicating effectively and writing formally for different audiences.

Monday, November 18, 2013

How I can take my passion and choose a career

My passion is autism, and two career choices I have in reguard to my passion are a special ed teacher and a behavioral specialist. While researching I found a lot of good and interesting imfomation about being a behavioral specialist. I even found a whole article on recentally using behavioral therapy as a treatment for autism. Which is awesome that a job that interests me links with my passion. A behavioral specialist does behavorial analysis. I know that sounds funny but basically they watch and observe behaviors, so they can modify the behavior. A good example of something they would use behavioral anaylasis/thearpy on is someone with ocd. I think it would be a a really cool job and after reading this article and finding it is being used more and more for people with autism is really cool.

The other job I researched was a special ed teacher. Which is kind of different from a behavioral specialist. The behavioral specialist focuses on behaviors and how to correct them. While a special ed teacher works with kids with a variety of different mental, physical, learning and emotional disabilities. As a special ed teacher they also have to teach actual school stuff. They are required to have a bachelors degree. Some people minor in education or math or a physics,  while others simple major in special education. I think that getting to work with kids with all different types of disabilities would be really neat. But i would not want to get any kind of teaching degree or have to teacher school subjects.

To me I think I would look more into a behavioral specialist. It seems like an interesting field to work in and while it is not soley based around autism or kids with disabilities, the prospects of it being a growing field involving people with autism has deffinetly sparked my interest

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pitch Day

I think pitch day went pretty well for me. I presented my pitch to three different people. The first people that came to me, I was really nervous for. But it didn't seem like they noticed. I really reeled them in with my information. They were interested, and asked me lots of questions. Most of which I was prepared to answer.
The second people to come to me were friend’s parents. So I did not mind at all talking to them.  They too asked a lot of questions. This made me feel like I was getting my point a crossed and not boring them.  The last person I talked to was a school administrator. Which scared me a lot, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He to, asked me some questions, and thought my passion was a really great thing. Overall, my pitch day experience was a good one. I got to share my ideas, and passion with others.

Completing My Passion

So far I have talked to on the phone, and met with my authority figures for my project. My idea was approved by both authority figures. For Autism York all they want is a picture of my project to put on their Facebook page. Other than that they were completely okay with my idea. For my school administrator, I waited a week or two for an email. Somehow their email got put into my junk mail box. So, I was a little late replying back to them. But they approved my idea; all they want to know is a date. Also, if I make posters that they will need to be approved first.
This has helped me organize my idea and projects because I can continue with all my original ideas. I will not have to go “back to the drawing board.” I have been able to put my passion into an idea that others think is a good idea. It also helped me stay organized because I know I can't procrastinate and flake on this idea. Now that I had it approved and is being expected to follow through with my project. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Contacting the Authority

​As stated in my last blog post, there are two authorities I needed to contact for my project. Last weekend I contacted my one authority, Autism York. I wrote my script, and rehearsed it a couple  of times. I was very nervous, but I called. I ended up with just a voicemail, so I could just speak my whole script. I stated my name, my school and the purpose of my call. I talked about 20 time and how for my project I wanted to sell brownies at lunch. I then stated how I would like to donate the money I raise to their foundation. Lastly, I had to ask if it was okay if I did this and if not what else could I do to help. I ended the call with thanking them and leaving a number to get in contact with me.

​My second authority for my project was a school administrator. I went down the D.O during acp and scheduled an appointment for third period the next day. My appointment ended up being cancelled, because he was called into a meeting. So I went back towards the end of lunch and waited for a little while. But, finally he came back to his office and saw me right away. I explained to him what our 20 time project was and my own goals for the project. I told him how I wanted to sell brownies at lunch for a week or two, and donate the money to autism of York. I did not get an official okay for my project, just because he needed to check to make sure no clubs were doing something similar. Overall, it seemed like it was going in a good direction, and I hope when he gets back to me,  my idea is approved. 

​I learned that speaking to people can be really nerve racking. I was really nervous about my phone call and my in person meeting. Once I started talking everything was fine and that nervous feeling went away. The next part of my project is just waiting for the okay from the school administrator. If I get the okay then I can continue with my original plans, and go on to contact whoever is in charge of the announcements. I need to contact them so I can advertise when I'm selling brownies at lunch. If I don't get the okay, I will have to start sort of from scratch. I might just need to sell a different thing at lunch like cookies instead or I may need a whole new idea. But for now I will wait for his email and go from there. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seeking Expert Advice

The authority figures I need to contact for my project are, the organization, Autism York, and a school administrator. Contacting one of the schools administrators will be beneficial because, if they do not approve of my project, I cannot do it. Their suggestions will help me to do my project and work towards my goals. I plan on emailing an administrator to set up a meeting with them. From there I will be seeking their permission to do my idea for my project, and how I can get the word out about it.
The other authority figure I have to contact is Autism of York. It will be beneficial to contact them because, for my project I plan to donate my money to them. To donate my money I need to know who and where I would send a check to. I would also need to know if it’s okay with them that I raise money for their cause, and if not; what else could I do to help them out.
Since this week’s blog is just about contacting authority figures for my project, I thought I’d leave you with something a little more interesting. Here you'll find a video of a very extraordinary, autistic, man and his amazing ability.